Monday, October 15, 2007

Out of commission until mid-November

This whole dissertation thing will literally consume every minute of my time until job applications are sent out in mid-November (though I will celebrate the completion of my job talk by seeing these guys in their sold out concert that evening, basically the minute after my presentation is over. I think I'll go in my suit. Aaaaaand...that's the break for the next month). Hence, all human contact - and blogging - is on hold until mid-November. Heaven help any distractions: new music, addictive TV, the ALCS, fantasy football, or people (my office mates will attest, distractions make me angry. You don't want to see me angry)

Not that I ever have anything exciting to share anyhow, but here is some free music to tide you over until I return.

And, before I go, new albums that I've recently enjoyed and can recommend:

  • Shout out Louds, "Our Ill Wills"
  • Phonograph, "Hiawatha Talking Machine"
  • And especially, Bishop Allen, "The Broken String"
  • The 1900's "Cold & Kind" wasn't quite as good as I hoped it would be, but is still a solid first effort (discounting the EP)

Still digging Jose Gonzalez's latest, but Iron & Wine's newest never really clicked with me.

That is all, goodbye for now, internet. I shall return in mid-November.

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Brad said...

I'll be at the Hold Steady show too, tried to get Pax Arcana to get tix to no avail. I'll look for the guy in the suit - I'd love to buy you a beeer and see if your downstairs neighbor's right about our musical tastes jibing. - Perry Ellis