Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

Well, for a moment, anyway. This whole "apply for a job" thing is definitely consuming more of my time than I thought it would. So much to discuss, where to begin....

OK, how about my favorite sequence from The Office this season (From "Money")?

Ryan: "What I really want is for you to be able to do this, so you can communicate it to your staff, your clients, whomever."

Michael: "mm, ok."

Ryan: "What"

Michael: "It's `whoever', not `whomever.' "

Ryan: "No, it's `whomever.' "

Michael: "No, `whomever' is never actually right."

Jim: "Well, sometimes it's right."

Creed: "Michael is right. It's a made up word used to trick students."

Andy: "Actually, `whomever' is the formal use of the word."

Oscar: "Obviously it's a real word, I just don't know when to use it."

Michael: "Not a native speaker."

Kevin: "I know what's right, but I'm not going to say. Because you're all jersk who didn't come to hear my band last night."

Ryan: "Do you really know which one is correct?"

Kevin: "I don't know."

Pam: "It's whom when it's the object of the sentence, and who when it's the subject."

Phyllis: "That sounds right."

Michael: "Well that sounds right, but is it?"

Stanley: "How did Ryan use it, as an object?"

Ryan: "As an object."

Kelly: "Ryan used me as an object."

Pam: "How did Ryan use it again?"

Toby: "It was, Ryan wanted Michael, the subject, to explain the computer system, the object. To whomever, meaning us, the indirect object. Which is the correct usage of the word."

Michael: "No one asked you anything ever, so whomever's name is Toby, why don't you stick a letter opener in your skull."
And since we're on the subject, more wpop placement (from "Local Ad"). Turns out Andy likes WPOP (Cola). But really, Mountain W is where it's at!

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