Monday, December 3, 2007

Music I really dig at the moment

Oh, I know have all been waiting patiently for my best of the year list, but since it's barely December, I feel that I still have some time.

While you're waiting, may I suggest the following music that I've recently discovered?

  • "War Elephant" by Deer Tick. Very Dylan-esque, enjoyable.
  • "Trials of Van Occupanther" by Midlake. OK, I haven't been able to stop listening to this for two weeks now. Think a restrained Thom Yorke singing about life in the wilderness and frontier, accompanied by gorgeous chamber pop. Released last year, really beautiful stuff.
  • Anything by Bobby Bare Jr. Especially "Young Criminals' Starvation League." "I'll Be Around" may be my favorite song I've heard all year (album came out in 2002, I think). Sort of alt-country-rock, maybe full-out country at times.

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